Volcano Gear

Buy a Vapor Bag /$20
Rent One/$5

Gently heat and never burn, so you get only the purest flavors and aromas.

Bong Rentals

Glass Bongs From $15/$25

We kindly request a deposit for all of our glass bong rentals.

Wax Box (E-Nail) add-on/$10

Hot Beverages

Drip Coffee
Sm/$1.50  Reg/$2.25  Lg/

Delicious roasted freshly ground coffee beans.

Specialty Teas
Cup/$3  Pot/$6 or Tea Latte/$4

World Breakfast Blend

A breakfast blend from select black teas from around the world..

Tali’s Masala Chai

A finely balanced with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices to create the perfect aromatic blend.

Five Peaks Green Dew

Known for its fresh, fruity flavor and sweet aftertaste, this China Green is a popular everyday tea.

Jasmine Blueberry

Organic white tip green tea infused with jasmine petals and succulent organic blueberries.

Dragon Crisp Gen Mai Cha

Organic Japanese sencha tossed with toasted rice kernels, creating a grassy jade infusion with a finish of lightly roasted popcorn.

Blueberry Cheesecake

This delectable dessert infusion delivers an arresting yet guilt-free alternative to this always popular confection.

After Ate (chocolate mint)


Zzzzz (chamomile)

Relax a bit. 

Chocolate Monkey

Sweet blend of ripened bananas swirling in a symphony of rich, silky chocolate and spicy pink peppercorns.

*All tea also available as a latte!*

Hot Chocolate/$5

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate?


A shot of espresso coffee infused with hot water.


Espresso marked with a little milk


Espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.

Reg/$4.50  Lg/

Flavour Shot/75¢

Caramel/ French Vanilla/ Irish Cream/ Gingerbread/ Hazelnut/ Almond

Delicious coffee, espresso and steamed milk.

Café Mocha

Reg/$5.00  Lg/$6.00

Coffee prepared with espresso, chocolate, and hot milk!

Single/$2.50 Double/$3

*Get any hot beverage iced!*
*Soy and Almond milk available*

Cold Beverages

Fiji Water/$3

Bottled H²0.


Fly high!

San Pellegrino/$3

Blood Orange/ Orange/ Pomegranate

The finest flavoured sparkling mineral water.

Stewart’s Soda/$3.50

Cream Soda/ Root Beer

Bubbly goodness!

Soft Drinks/$2.75

Coca-Cola/ Ginger Ale

You say soda, I say pop.


Apple/ Orange

Bob Marley/$5

Flavours: Coffee/ Mocha/ Black Tea/ Berry

Created with a unique blend of natural herbs that help relax the mind, body, and soul!

Iced Tea/$3

We’ve also got loads of munchies; think all your favourites. Chips, cookies, chocolate bars and gummies. Yes – gummies.

Candy & Chips

Jelly Bellies/$1.75



Flavours: Fuzzy Peach/ Sour Cherry Blasters/ Sour Patch Kids/ Swedish Berries




Chocolate Bars

All Bars/$2.25

Aero/ Caramilk/ Coffee Chrisp/ Crispy Crunch/ Chunchie/ Dairy Milk/ Hershey’s Almond/ Hershey’s Cookies N’ Cream/ Kitkat/ Mars/ M&M’s Peanuts/ Mr. Big/ Oh Henry!/ Oh Henry Peanut butter/ Reese Peanut Butter Cups/ Skor/ Smarties/ Snickers/ Wunderbar